Monday, October 12, 2009

Along Bone Road

This is along Bone Road which is also an entrance to the capital city Banjul. Along the sea bank, there are many boats which are locally made by carpenters. These boats are locally known as gals in Wolof language. These gals are commonly used by nakapats (fishermen) for fishing. In the Gambia,the tribe well known for fishing are the Serer.They use these gals to go out to the sea for fishing.


  1. I came by to welcome you to the CDP community and ended up reading all of your posts so far. Our countries (I'm from Manila in the Philippines) are so far from each other and look so different, but there are so many amazing similarities. I find that fact fascinating. These boats look similar to our own bangka and your description and photos of your family compound has echoes in much of our culture too. I will definitely be coming by to visit often.

    And I hope you have fun photoblogging! :)

  2. Oh Thank for visiting and thaks for the comment.It is very interesting sharing my culture with the out world and also knowing that thinkg in my country is abit the same with your country.But do come to see more picture... Thanks


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